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Pre-Filter Facts

The efficiency of the pre filter has everything to do with the life of the HEPA. The more particulates captured in the HEPA means fewer can pass through and will ultimately block the HEPA.

Most pre filters have an efficiency grading of F5 - F7. At this level of filtration the media has an efficiency of 35% in F5 to 65% in F7. The particulate size being generated is typically below 1 micron. This equates to an efficiency of 65% in F5 to 80% in F7.

The Sabah Systems Advantage range of chemical and fume purification systems has an F8 grade media. This means an efficiency rate of 80% at 0.2 microns and 95% at 1 micron is achieved.

Gas/Chemical Filtration

Most standard chemical filters are made up of a 50/50 mix of Activated Aluminum Potassium Permanganate and Active Carbon. The media neutralizes a broad base of chemicals and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) pollutants.

The Greater the Surface Area, The Longer the Filter Will Last

Filter life is directly related to surface area. The larger dry particulates build up and fall away during operation. However, sticky particulates will dry on contact irrespective of the progressive depth of the media. This results in skinning or masking off to the surface media. Therefore the size of the surface area is directly correlated to how long filter will last.

Advanced Carbon Filter Technology
Safely capturing and eradicating fumes.

With decades of experience in the designing and manufacturing of fume extraction and filtration systems, Sabah Systems has the necessary experience and expertise to ensure our product solutions are the best available. Our deep knowledge of cosmetic and salon industry processes and applications are echoed in the design and manufacturing procedures used in our patented filters.

In order for the filters to work most efficiently, it’s important for the contaminated air to remain in contact with the carbon bed for a sufficient period of time (often referred to as “dwell time”) to make sure no contaminants or odors are emitted. The Sabah Systems product designs consider the balance between air flow rates and the type, depth and surface area of the carbon used to ensure suitability for the contaminants associated with the application and to make sure appropriate dwell times are met.

In addition, the Sabah Systems Advantage micro filters are positioned within the system in such a way that all the particulates are not only captured but are contained in the system. This is one of the elements that sets Sabah Systems Advantage micro filers apart. When replacing the filter there is no risk of coming into contact with the captured particulates.

The meticulous design, manufacturing and test procedures developed by Sabah Systems promises our filters will offer trouble free operation throughout their lifetime.

Smart Filter Technology
The new Smart Filter System gives assured filter performance with your Advantage extraction system.

SF TechnologyEach filter contains its own uniquely coded permanent label. This technology monitors and works with your system to optimize performance.This works with your system to keep the extraction system working at the best possible level, with the highest performance.

The use of proprietary filters provides the assurance of :

  • Protection against counterfeiting

  • Legislative compliance

  • Reduced operating costs

  • Superior filter performance

  • Protection of production operatives

  • Protection of the process equipment

  • Protection of the final product

  • Reduced downtime and waste

  • Improved productivity, less rework

  • Reduced run costs and maintenance

To maintain optimal performance, please be sure to replace your Activated Carbon filter every 4 to 6 months. To maintain the two-year warranty, you must have an organized, scheduled plan. To facilitate this, we offer our clients an Automatic Filter Replacement Plan so you don’t have to remember to change the activated carbon/filters in your machine. Through this special plan, you will automatically receive your carbon/filters when they need to be replaced.

Plan for Chemical & Fume Extractor for Hair

4 Month Plan for Hair Extractor $495 + SH $35  Add To Cart

6 Month Plan for Hair Extractor $495 + SH $35  Add To Cart

How to Replace Filter for Chemical Extractors for Hair

Plan for Chemical & Fume Extractor for Nails

4 Month Plan for Nail Extractor $330 + SH $25  Add To Cart

6 Month Plan for Nail Extractor $330 + SH $25  Add To Cart

How to Replace Filter for Chemical Extractors for Nail

Sure Check– Promising Quality True To Our Vision

"We pride ourselves on being the world leader in Fume Extraction Technology. We promise to only deliver innovative, high quality products that unite high performance with lower costs.

We strive to be the supplier of choice - adding value to our customer's business operations and acting as true partner to enhance your work.

Our people and our services are our top priority. We invest in them and we invest in you.”

Our Philosophy

Our number one goal is to offer reliable, easy to use and cost effective fume extraction systems that meet or exceed worldwide health and safety regulations.

We are never stagnant. We are always exploring new methods and ways in which our customers can protect both their employees and the environment while reducing operating costs, energy consumption and downtime.

Since 1984, Sabah Systems has been the world leader in fume extraction technology. We take this role very seriously and are proud of the products and services we provide.