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Sophia la belle Brazilian keratin treatment

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Wholesale Price

Product Name Price Retail Quantity  
UN Shampoo 16oz: $15 Retail $35 Add To Cart
UN Shampoo 8oz: $9 Retail $22 Add To Cart
DEUX Conditioner 16oz: $15 Retail $35 Add To Cart
DEUX Conditioner 8oz: $9 Retail $22 Add To Cart
TROIS Leave-In Conditioner 8oz: $9 Retail $22 Add To Cart
Masque Des Cheveux Mask 8oz: $19 Retail $45 Add To Cart
Derniere Touche Serum 2oz: $9 Retail $22 Add To Cart
Clair Clarifying Shampoo 16oz: $17 Add To Cart
Merveille Keratin Treatment 16oz:
0.0% Formaldehyde lasting 3.5 to 4 months(Spray)
$ Call (240) 367-4828
Magique Keratin Treatment16oz:
Only 1.9% Formaldehyde lasting 3.5 to 4 months (Spray)
$ Call (240) 367-4828
Miracle Ultra Keratin Treatment 16oz:
Only 2.9% Formaldehyde lasting 3.5 to 6 months (Cream)
$ Call (240) 367-4828

SLB After Treatment Products

UN Shampoo

DEUX Conditioner

TROIS Leave-In Conditioner

Masque Des Cheveux Mask

Dernier Touche Serum

Pre-Treatment & SLB Brazilian Keratin Treatment Types

Clair Shampoo (Before Treatment)

Merveille Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Magique Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Miracle Ultra Brazilian Keratin Treatment

How to perform SLB Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Merveille Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Magique Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Miracle Ultra Brazilian Keratin Treatment

Best Practices for Sophia La Belle Products

  • Sophia La Belle offers a line of products for three levels of Keratin Treatment. Our products are sealed in the salon, so there is no long wait time. For best results, we recommend you shampoo within 24 hours but be sure to talk with your stylists for more information.

  • Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment can be performed on highlighted/colored hair, or immediately after these services have been performed.

  • As a general rule, tt’s best to color your hair "anytime" before the treatment, or to wait 10 days to 2 weeks after treatment. Note: You can schedule your color services and Keratin treatment with us for the same day.

  • Following the treatment and before the first shampoo: do not tie or wear your hair in a ponytail and do not pin it back or wear it behind the ears. If you do, a flat iron will remove any creases.

  • You can go to gym/pool/beach right after receiving Sophia La Belle Keratin treatment but make sure you spray the leave-in conditioner before exercising or getting in the water. When you’re done, be sure to shampoo, condition and use the spray leave-in conditioner right after showering.

  • We strongly recommend the Sophia La Belle After Treatment line of products for many reasons. First and foremost, these products are designed to maintain the Brazilian Keratin treatment for a long time (up to 6 months). They offer color protection, and UV protection ingredients low in pH, sulfate and sodium chloride free and are formulated to maintain the level of Brazilian Keratin Collagen treatment long after the service. Over the counter and other brand sulfate and sodium free products will offer different results!

  • Avoid any hair products such as Hair Sprays, Gels or Mousse containing Alcohol, Sulfate and Sodium Chloride.

  • If treated hair gets ridges in the morning because of sleeping, a blow drier or a flat iron can be used to straighten those sections; although flat ironing all of your hair during the first 24 hours helps to further seal the treatments in the hair.

  • Note to Stylists: Following the treatments, avoid doing any color or highlight services on the treated hair for up to 10 or 14 days. It’s best to perform those services right before the treatment, or as close to the service day as possible. You may just need to do one clarifying shampoo to start your Keratin collagen treatment not to remove any desired colors/toners.

  • Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin treatments can be done on any previously chemically treated or relaxed hair, sodium hydroxide This Chemical, Japanese Straightening treated hair but only after two weeks.

  • Avoid doing the service on pregnant or nursing clients or by pregnant or nursing stylists.

  • These treatments are available to both women and men. Minimum age for the treatment is 8 years and up.

  • You can get your hair trimmed or cut before or after treatment.

  • Although our treatments last 3.5 to 6 months (depending on the level of treatment, texture of the hair and use of our after treatment products and clients life style), they can be done on a monthly basis or every 2 months to cover the new growth area as well. There is no retouch application only, since the more you do this service, the more it seals into the hair, so it will be done from roots to ends again each time.

  • NOTE: Keratin treatments last 3.5 to 6 months depending on the level of treatment, texture of the hair, clients active lifestyle, hair density, condition of the hair, and use of only Sophia La Belle after treatment products.