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Become Clean Air Salon Certified

The Value of Salon Certification
Receiving the "Clean Air Salon Certification" for your salon demonstrates your dedication to taking the important and necessary steps to ensuring the safety and health of your valued staff and clientele. Proudly display this certification at your salon and show the world that you have the appropriate and effective tools in place to properly ventilate and extract fumes and chemicals from your environment.

  • Breathing Zone - Protecting your technicians, stylists, and customers breathing area from harmful chemicals, fume, and dust.

  • Salon Zone You are keeping the air in your salon fresh and free of contaminants.

Chemical Extractors for Hair and Nail can remove germs and pathogens from your breathing area, salon along with chemical vapors and dusts produced during any hair, and nail salon service. Sabah Systems Chemical Extractors Systems protects the stylist's & their client's breathing zone by removing chemical vapors, odors and dusts produced during nail services, and hair treatments, at their source.