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In an effort to provide you with additional information on our products and services, please review a set of frequently asked questions and answers below as well as an informational video. Additional questions? Please give us a call (240) 367-4828

Yes! The entire process takes about 10-15 minutes but be sure to watch the video first.
Place the hood within 1 foot of the client’s head during all three keratin hair smoothing steps: product application, blow drying and flat ironing.
No. Designing a unit that’s quiet and unobtrusive was a top priority. We took great care to make sure our units are below conversational speech (below 60 dBa). A quiet unit enables technicians to carry on conversations with their client’s at a normal talking level. As a result, our units do not need an exhaust silencer.
No! This is a misconception. Air purifiers, are not meant for and simply do not work in, the salon environment.
No. HVAC filtration does not work in the salon environment. HVAC systems do not capture pollutants at the source which is the only way to ensure a clean and safe salon environment.
Sabah Systems Chemical Extractors for Hair and Nail products are built by leading field engineers in the United Kingdom and in Denmark with more than 32 years of experience in developing chemical and fume ventilation and air quality control systems. Key features of the units include:
  • Effective, inexpensiveand professionally manufactured
  • All Units come with a two-year warranty
  • The units are quiet
  • Changing the filter is simpleand does not require unit disassembly which avoids messy carbon module emptying
  • A 20 inches clear capture hood with more suction (CFM) than any other salon source capture system
  • The filtering technology destroys microorganisms, loads slowly, and has less airflow restriction than standard HEPA filters
  • A high energy field enhances keratin hair smoothing formaldehyde vapor/fume and other hair chemical service vapor adsorption; a high energy field also increases particle capture efficiency
Faramand Shoar, a Computer Engineer, an expert licensed cosmetologist, Hair Stylist, founder and CEO of Sophia La Belle Brazilian Keratin Treatment Inc. founded Sabah Systems.
Yes. The Chemical Extractor for Hair is designed to be used with one client. Multiple keratin smoothing treatments can be safely performed if each stylist is properly using a separate Chemical Extractor for Hair.
For maximum performance, the filters should be changed every 4 or 6 months. Sabah Systems recommends its Automatic Convenience Plan which will schedule your filter changes and shipments accordingly. As a general rule, the filters should be changed after 400 hours of use on Chemical and Fume Extractor for Hair and 500 hours of use on Chemical and Fume Extractor for Nails. Please ask about our automatic convenience plans: (240) 367-4828
New building code regulations require source capture systems to be provided at each nail station to protect the breathing zone of the nail technician. This requirement must be met or the salon will not be allowed to open, per the International Building Code, (IMC Dec. 2012).
Yes! It can be used for other hair services including color, bleach, permanent waves, relax hair, sodium hydroxide, Thio Chemical, Japanese straightening, hair removal, and even hair spray.

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