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Quotes from some of Sabah System's happy customers. This section contains a variety of case studies that illustrate both the quality of Sabah System's products and our reputation for world leading outstanding customer service and technical knowledge.

" Just thought I would tell you how pleased we are with our Chemical Extractors for hair and Nail in our Salon. Trouble free and odor free salon. Wish all equipment that we purchased would be so easy to install and simple to run "
- Marie Smith, Maryland

" We found our hair extractor by Sabah Systems advantage units to be very quiet, professional looking, and operated very well. We have received many compliments on our purchasing decisions by clients. No more fume or odors, or worries. From what we were using, this machine is like a Cadillac compared to a ford Escort. A great machine with no odor after 5 hours of use for Brazilian Keratin treatment. Units are quality construction. "
- Jessica Murphy, Washington DC

" I want to thank you for coming in and replacing our previous supplier's extractors. We went from spending $195 filtration every 3 months that did NOT work to $250 every 4 months with no fume or odor. Prior to Sabah Systems involvement we had elected not to install anymore fume extractor of any kind in our salon due to the trouble we were experiencing with your competitors extractors and filters. Since the Sabah Systems extractors have performed so well for us we have reversed our decision and gone ahead and purchased Nail Source extractor also. The reliability, ease of use and support has been excellent. We highly recommend using Sabah System extractors and they certainly will be our extractor of choice for the future. Thank you! "
- Linda Dutton, Virginia

" The Nail source capture was one of the best things that happened to our business. We no longer have to be concern about health issues and our nail salon certainly has more clean air to breath for all of us. I have purchased 4 units and my employees love them. Nail source extractor work really well. I am very pleased with the results of our machines and just wanted to say thank you for helping me get machines that are reliable and effective. "
- Bob Lee, Virginia

" At the beginning of 2015 we changed our supplier of fume extraction and purification systems to Sabah Systems. The main reasons for changing to Sabah systems from our previous supplier were on the grounds of health and safety and cost. Significant reduction in odor and increase in filter life was achieved with Sabah Systems unique design. This allows us to offer customers an extremely clean environment with low running costs. This is considered a very important factor when you are depending on return clients and profit margin to stay in business! Sabah systems unit was able to offer an easy to use system for our salon by having movable and small units available to all of our stations. The Sabah system provides an extremely neat and professional solution for Technology Supplies extraction requirements. The warranty on their unit was also an important factor for us and Sabah systems have, to date, given excellent technical support to both Technology Supplies and the customer. I would have great satisfaction in recommending Sabah systems to other Hair and Nail Salons as an excellent partner for their fume extraction requirements. "
- Greg Miller, Washington DC

" Our salon was looking for a specialist in chemical and fume extraction company (Units designed for Hair and nail) we have come across couple different sites and company. After talking with them and learning a few things about filters, cost of ownership and cost of units we have found Sabah systems have the best value in low cost of operation, maintenance and purchase and more importantly they perform the chemical, and fume extraction correctly because they are built for salon industry and they have been business for over 30 years. They are not cheap mom and pop units made in a warehouse or imported from China. We are sold on our units and are satisfied. Highly recommended. "
- Stephanie McNamara, Washington DC