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Health & Safety

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Health and safety are the driving force behind Sabah Systems and the Chemical and Fume Source Capture for Air Purification and Ventilation systems designed exclusively for the beauty industry.

With more than three decades of experience and knowledge in the beauty industry, and in particular the extraction and filtration business, Sabah Systems has unveiled an innovative, salon-friendly fume extraction device to safely capture and remove a wide range of harmful pollutants found the salon environment. The Sabah System fits seamlessly into the salon environment with no need to replace furniture or redesign work stations.

Numerous products used in beauty salons contain a variety of chemicals that may be potentially harmful to the health of employees, customers and the environment. Safely removing these pollutants is extremely important. Harmful chemicals and fumes include:

  • formaldehyde vapors and fumes from keratin hair smoothing or straightening treatments; other chemical services for hair such as dyes, bleaches, BKT, Blowout, etc.

  • vapors and fumes from manicures/pedicures, nail fillings, varnishing, gel and acrylic services

  • chemicals used in tattoo removals and other similar services

The Need For A Safe and Healthy Workplace

Work related occupational Asthma is directly associated with workplace exposure to fumes and dust. UK Health and Safety Executive (estimated) Statistics for 2010/11:

  • 4,000 deaths each year due to past exposure to fumes, chemicals and dusts

  • 7,000 new diagnoses of respiratory disease each year

  • 31,000 people who worked in the last 12 months had "breathing or lung problems" caused or made worse by work

  • 555,000 working days were lost due to breathing or lung problems

*Source: Occupational Asthma Statistics / HSE 2010-2011.

In addition to a loss of productivity there are other related economic factors to consider such as the cost of NHS treatments and social security payouts for Industrial Injury Disablement Benefits.

However, despite these statistics there is a continuing decline in the number of cases thanks to an increase in awareness and better defined and managed H&S legislation. This drives the need for effective fume extraction systems.

To support an increased awareness of H&S compliance, our sales and technical staff regularly participate in training and educational seminars.

Healthy, motivated employees pave the way to a more productive and fulfilling workplace.

Sabah Systems Chemical & Fume Extractors for Salons – Working to protect you your people.